Bichon Frise – Grooming Tips

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The Bichon Frise sheds its hair slowly and infrequently, and is often considered good for those prone to allergies. However, grooming is very important as mats can form easily and quickly without brushing. Frequent brushing, along with a once-a-month bath, is needed. In addition, it is recommended that the Bichon be professionally groomed every four weeks.

Like many other long coated breeds hair shed can and often does remain in the under coat until it is removed by proper brushing and combing. Hair shed not removed will, with time or immediately upon getting damp or wet, begin to “tangle” and “matt” whereby the hair shed both wraps and compresses around the existing hair coat. Matts simply ruin the beauty of the Bichon Frise coat, and severe matting causes any pet discomfort and even poor skin health.

Although your bichon’s coat is by far the most time-consuming part of his grooming routine, other important areas require regular tending. Clean his ears once a week to remove any wax buildup and dirt that may have accumulated, and brush his teeth daily to prevent dental problems and bad breath. Trim his nails once or twice a month unless he wears them down naturally, but be careful not to nick the vein inside called the quick or he’ll make the next nail-trimming episode much more difficult. If any part of his grooming routine makes you uncomfortable, seek the advice or services of a professional groomer, and let the professionals give your dog the royal treatment.image

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