Just a little info and guidance for grooming a Lhasa apso. Please enjoy and I hope this helps for any new owners out there

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Grooming the Lhasa Apso

Coat Length Medium/Long
Grooming Requirement Once a week
Trimming Frequent
Requires – Daily grooming from Yourself or a Professional Groomer
The grooming requirements are considerable for this small dog. The topcoat coat of the Lhasa Apso is long, heavy and slightly rough to the touch. The undercoat is a little shorter and softer. They do require a lot of daily grooming to keep their coats looking in top condition. It is best to start getting the dog used to being groomed when it is very young. As the undercoat is so soft it must be combed to prevent any matts and tangles forming. If they are not kept properly groomed they can develop skin problems. Even though the hair goes over the eyes the eyelashes are long and strong enough to allow the dog to see very well. They also require to be bathed fairly regularly to keep them feeling clean and fresh. If the coat becomes too much they can be kept short, a professional groomer, or the breeder, is probably the best person to advise on ho
Colour They come in a variety of colours sandy, honey, golden, brown dark grizzle, slate, smoke, black, white and combinations of these colours.
Shedding Little
Suffers From Allergies
Tendency to Cause Allergies

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